Magic TV™


Pay TV + Free TV + On-Demand TV

All-new Magic Link MTV10000D

Only Magic Link can provide one-touch recording of Pay TV, MyTV Super and Free TV all from one interface!

MTV10000D takes the power and flexibilty of MTV9600D and adds Magic Link to bring everything together in one box.

Simply connect your set-top boxes and the Internet to Magic TV™ using the included cables and let MTV10000D take control

Broadcast, Pay TV and on-demand channels - all in one system!

The latest models MTV9100D & MTV9600D

With a new processor, the new dual-system models feature 4K YouTube!

Get full Magic TV™ dual-tuner recording with simultaneous use of any app.

Full 4K output from compatible apps and on-demand TV services.

Simply choose whether you want 1TB or 4TB of storage included...

MTV9100D & MTV9600D