Magic TV™

MTV9000 & MTV9500

The latest models MTV9100D & MTV9600D

With a new processor, the new dual-system models feature 4K YouTube!

Get full Magic TV™ dual-tuner recording with simultaneous use of any app.

Full 4K output from compatible apps and on-demand TV services.

4K apps like YouTube, Kodi and more!

Simply choose whether you want 1TB or 4TB of storage included...


MTV8000D / MTV8000D-4TB

The most advanced Magic TV™ model

MTV8000D adds video inputs and a video encoder to provide even more advanced features:

  • Magic Link: Simply hook up your myTV Super, Now TV and Cable TV boxes and control them using the Magic TV™ menus and EPG.
  • Video Streaming: Send video and audio direct to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Wherever you are!
  • Video Encoding: 10 levels of real-time compression allow up to 1000 hours of recording!
  • Special Build-to-Order MTV8000D-4TB comes with a massive 4TB internal HDD providing up to 4000 hours of SD recording!
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