Magic TV™ MTV8000D

  • Dual Tuner Advanced Recorder
  • Internal 1000GB HDD
  • 3 HD Video inputs


The new MTV8000D Advanced Recorder is the latest in our Magic Link series. The 3 HDMI 1080P Full HD inputs allow Now TV and Cable TV boxes to be connected and controlled, while the new processor provides even more recording flexibility.

Magic TV™ automatically synchronises with your Pay TV boxes to become your new TV hub. All recordings and playback are 3D and HD-capable and take place on Magic TV™!



Magic Link

One-touch recording across all Free TV and Pay TV channels with one remote and one interface! That's Magic Link — only from Magic TV™.

Simply connect your set-top boxes and the Internet to Magic TV™ using the included cables and let MTV8000D take control of all your Free and Pay TV viewing and recording! Magic TV™ provides full 7-day programme guides for all the available channels*. If you choose a Now TV or Cable TV channel, Magic TV™ simply uses the connected boxes to provide the picture and sound.

MTV8000D also includes the ability to record an external input whilst watching another!

Magic Link for myTV SUPER

Firmware 11.1 Beta includes support for MyTV Super from TVB.

This is an on-demand set-top-box, but once connected to MTV8000D, you can control, record and store programmes for later viewing.

Simply connect the HDMI output of MyTV Super to one of the MTV8000D inputs and connect the InfraRed transmitter provided.

No need to use up an HDMI input on your TV.

As there is no EPG for on-demand programmes, simply use the instant recording or timer recording on Magic TV™.

Use Magic TV™ Share (see below) to share MyTV Super recordings around your house.

Internet connection to Magic TV™ required

Video Streaming (iPhone/iPad App)

Magic TV™ MTV8000D can act as a video server, streaming video and audio direct to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Don't miss a second of your favourite sport; take TV and recordings around the house or catch up on Recorded Programmes at any time, anywhere!

Your iPhone or iPad can remotely turn on Magic TV™, set the channel and start watching your favourite programme.

External inputs

MTV8000D includes 3 HDMI 1080P Full HD inputs and a Composite/S-Video input for connecting external sources. These can be used for Magic Link and Video Streaming (see above) or for viewing and recording from video disc players, games consoles or other video devices. It can also be useful if your TV has run out of HD inputs. Simply use Magic TV™ as an HD video switch.

Real-time HD encoding and transcoding

All Magic TV™ units record the original broadcast stream losslessly for maximum quality; however, MTV8000D also includes options for 10 levels of HD and SD real-time transcoding in reduced video size.

This offers the ability to pack even more hours of recordings onto your drives. Up to 1000 hours on the internal HDD!

The new processor in MTV8000D improves quality and speed.

The highest quality components

Pixel Magic have a reputation for superior audio and video quality and every component has been chosen especially for its ability to communicate every detail available from the digital High Definition broadcasts.

Hardware highlights include:
  • The latest Sigma SMP8673 processor is 3D-ready and 60% faster!
  • Digital CMOS silicon tuners and demodulator chips provide outstanding reception performance.
  • Dual tuners allow the recording of any two programmes simultaneously. MTV8000D can also record a 3rd external input at the same time!
  • Cool-running design created for fanless silence and prolonged component life.
Internet connection to Magic TV™ required

Internet-enabled EPG enhancements

Adding an Internet connection provides Magic TV™ with unique programme data and unlocks powerful recording features.

iEPG highlights include:
  • Enhanced Electronic Programme Guide. Featuring genre icons, genre browsing and increased programme data.
  • Series Recording. Additional Internet data is used by Magic TV™ to enable reliable episode linking. Now you can select 'Record this series' to record a whole series even if episodes are in different time slots.*
  • Automatic Rescheduling. Magic TV™ detects if the schedule for a programme in the To Do list changes. Recording times are automatically changed to match.*


Stream photos and video from an iPad and iPhone direct to your TV!

When Magic TV™ and your iOS device are on the same network, simply tap the Apple Airplay Airplay button and choose Magic TV™ to send YouTube videos, Internet radio, slideshows, iTunes music and more, directly to your TV.

Note: Magic>Play may not work with some online video formats. We will continue improving Magic>Play compatibility through firmware update.

Magic TV™ Share

You can now share recordings made on one Magic TV™ unit throughout your home to other Magic TV™ units. Access all of your recordings from any room in the house!

Simply add multiple Magic TV™ units to your home network.

Note: Magic TV™ MTV3100 and other older models containing the Sigma SMP8635 chip can view other Magic TV™ recordings but not share their own recordings.

Edit recordings

Add bookmarks to recordings and skip between them, or trim out whole sections of unwanted footage to save time.

Edits are non-destructive, so you can undo them at any time. Or you can choose to free up disk space by making edits final.

Record on multiple HDDs (Hard Disk Drives)

Seamlessly expand your storage capacity by connecting one or more USB disks to Magic TV™. Copying, moving, editing and playback from these disks are all fully supported. You control how they are used.

Internet connection to Magic TV™ required

Remote Recording: Record from anywhere!

You can now set Magic TV™ recordings from your browser! Simply connect Magic TV™ to the Internet and log in to the Remote Recording website. Wherever you are, you can now browse and search programmes, look up programme information, and set Single, Series or Repeat Recordings.


Step-by-step guided setup, clear menus, 7-day electronic programme guide (EPG) and 'at-a-glance' front panel display all combine to provide easy operation for the whole family.

Magic TV™ comes with a full printed instruction manual clearly explaining every feature and option.

Flexible navigation

Magic TV™ includes many unique features, allowing you to get to what you want, fast:

  • One Touch Channel Select — assign channels to a single number key.
  • 1.5x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x and 64x fast forward and rewind .
  • Skip by minutes during playback (from 1 - 9) or jump 30 secs with the prev/next buttons.
  • On-screen icons, timebars and hints so you always know what's going on.
  • Helpful shortcut keys exist throughout the system to speed navigation.

Class-leading learning remote control

The Magic TV™ remote control features 4 learning buttons which allow you to turn on your TV, change the input to Magic TV™ and adjust the volume of your sound system — all with one remote.

The intuitive button layout, tactile buttons and colour-coding put every Magic TV™ feature at your fingertips.

Internet connection to Magic TV™ required

Live News and Weather info

Receive live news and weather feeds from the Internet direct to the Magic TV™ interface from RTHK, the Hong Kong Observatory and more.

Camera movie playback and storage

Browse and play your AVCHD camera and camcorder movies through Magic TV™. You can also copy movies to the internal HDD to store.

Environmentally sensitive

Lead-free electronics throughout and an intelligent power-saving mode help reduce the environmental impact.

Internet connection to Magic TV™ required= An Internet connection to Magic TV™ is required to enable these features.
* Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of iEPG data; however, Pixel Magic does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of information supplied by broadcasters.


  • Additional software features

    • 7-day HD EPG with Vertical and Horizontal layout options
    • Aspect Ratio Correction modes: Full, Wide Zoom (non-linear stretch), Pillarbox/Letterbox, Zoom 1, Zoom 2
    • Continuous playback of multiple recordings
    • Storage folders to organise recordings
    • MHEG-5 Interactive TV support
    • Customise your TV Channel numbers
  • Additional hardware details

    • Video DAC: 12-bit 150MHz
    • Audio DAC: 24-bit 192KHz
    • Front panel display with alphanumeric display and helpful status icons
    • 1000 GB Hard Disk Drive
    • Power Saving Mode included
  • Digital TV standards

    • China DTT standard GB20600-2006 (DMB-TH). Requirements for Higher-tier DTT Receivers (HKTA 1108), Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority
  • OSD Languages

    • Traditional Chinese
    • Simplified Chinese
    • English
  • Video decoding formats

    • MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264
  • Audio decoding formats

    • Dolby Digital and PCM audio. Includes downmixing for Stereo systems
  • Supported output TV formats

    • SD:

      • 480i (NTSC)
      • 576i (PAL)
    • HD:

      • 480p 60Hz
      • 576p 50Hz
      • 720p 50/60Hz
      • 1080i 50/60Hz
      • 1080p 50/60Hz
    • Smooth frame rate conversion: 50Hz to 60Hz supported
    • Support for 16:10 screens
  • Firmware upgrade

    • Via external USB thumbdisk or OAD (Over-the-Air Download) Protected firmware provides risk-free upgrading
  • Remote control

    • Infrared smart remote with 4 learning buttons (TV power, TV input, Vol+, Vol-)
    • Colour: Black
  • Rear connections

    • RF:

      • Antenna input x1 and antenna loop-through x1
    • Video output:

      • 1x Composite Video (Standard Definition only)
      • 1x HDMI with embedded audio
      • 1x Component Video
    • Audio output:

      • Digital:
        • 1x SPDIF Optical
        • 1x SPDIF Electrical (Coaxial)
      • Analogue:
        • 1x Stereo Audio (Stereo pair)
    • Video input:

      • 3x HDMI with embedded audio, support 1080P Full HD
      • 1x Composite Video or 1x S-Video
    • Other connections:

      • Infrared (IR) output for controlling devices connected for Magic Link
      • USB 2.0 x2 for firmware upgrading, connecting external storage, camcorders
      • Ethernet 1000-Base-T x1 for Internet-enabled features and return path of Interactive TV services
  • Dimensions

    • 325mm (W), 230mm (D), 62mm (H), 3kg
  • Power Consumption

    • Operation: 35W MAX
    • Standby: <1W
  • Power supply

    • +12V DC. 100-240 VAC auto-ranging power adapter